8 November 2010

Sunday Night TV

It doesn't happen that often in my opinion, but ITV have done themselves proud in the Sunday evening TV stakes recently.  I'm referring to their latest costume drama, Downton Abbey.

1 November 2010

NFL International Series

Wow.  Feeling pretty tired this morning.  It was a bit cold last night so I didn't sleep too well.  On Saturday night we changed the clocks in the UK which causes me problems - bit like jet lag.  But the best part of yesterday was going to Wembley for the NFL International Series between San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos.

19 September 2010

The Rocky Horror Show

Had a great night out yesterday in Brighton. The Rocky Horror Show was being put on at the Theatre Royal so my wife and I decided to go along to see it.

I’d originally seen the film many years ago, and had bought both the VHS video, and then the DVD when it became available however I’d never seen the show on the stage. I’d heard stories about the lengths people go to when attending, but having never been there it was going to be a new experience for us.

28 August 2010

Summer Holidays - Part 2

Following on from our initial week in Orne, we had now moved over to Seine-Maritime. As there was only a 2 hour drive between cottages, and you have to be out of one at 10am, and can't get into the next until 4pm, we had to take this extremely slowly. In the end, we don't think this was actually necessary as it didn't look as though the place was occupied before we arrived.

24 August 2010

Summer Holidays - Part 1

At last the summer has arrived and we've just had our summer holiday. It was a long time coming, as we booked the accomodation in January, but due to my wifes' change of role we now have to go during school holidays.