23 July 2010

Commuting to London

People on footpaths,
Others on cycles,
Commuters with purpose,
Tourists with none.

Newspaper vendors,
Big issue sellers,
Taxi cab drivers,
Out in the sun.

Pairs of young lovers,
Girls in new heels,
Suited and trainers,
Joining the throng.

Nearly all youngsters,
Very few oldies,
None of then seeing,
What's going on.

Ode to Commuting - Paulw743, July 2010

Today I finished the last day of a week's training course in London. Don't want to bore your with the details of the course, but suffice to say it's a geeky IT thing of which only part will be usable in the office.

12 July 2010

World Cup Result

Well, the World Cup is finally over and what a result.

I don't mean the result that game out of the pitch battle in Johannesburg. I mean the result that we got at home.

Between us, we took part in 3 different sweepstakes. One each at our places of work, and another at our local.

Unfortunately I pulled South Africa out of the hat (well box) at work. Trust me to select the first host country not to make it into the last 16.

Lorraine wasn't in the office for her draw so a colleague pulled a name out of the hat for her. She was lucky and Spain was chosen. Considering they were the favourites, we were quite happy.

Then we come to the Windmill. This was a blind sweepstake. All the names were in different envelopes. The idea being that you select one, or more, and then hand them back to Tony, the landlord. Once the quarter finals were out of the way, the envelopes would be opened and we would all find out who we had picked.

After the quarter finals we went down to find out who we had selected. Jokingly we said that 'We'd come to find out when we got kicked out', only to be told 'I think you're still in'. We checked the board, and lo and behold we had pulled Spain out again.

After being abused, we felt extremely happy retuning to the pub after the final and picking up our winnings.

From both the winning sweepstakes, we picked up over £250. For an initial stake of only £12, we did pretty well.