28 August 2010

Summer Holidays - Part 2

Following on from our initial week in Orne, we had now moved over to Seine-Maritime. As there was only a 2 hour drive between cottages, and you have to be out of one at 10am, and can't get into the next until 4pm, we had to take this extremely slowly. In the end, we don't think this was actually necessary as it didn't look as though the place was occupied before we arrived.

24 August 2010

Summer Holidays - Part 1

At last the summer has arrived and we've just had our summer holiday. It was a long time coming, as we booked the accomodation in January, but due to my wifes' change of role we now have to go during school holidays.

18 August 2010

Walnut Cottage

We've recently been to France on holiday and Walnut Cottage was the first place we stayed.

It's in Normandy, but to the east of our previous location, however it is just as pretty and tranquil as we have experienced in the past.

The cottage is set in the grounds of the former mayor's house and has been excellently restored by the two owners, Paul & Chris. They also run a B&B in the main building, but both parts of the business are separated, including each having it's own driveway.